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“If I’m gonna die, I want to die comfortable.”

August 11, 2009

On Thursday, August 13th at 7PM Eastern Time I will be interviewed via live chat by Eugene Driscoll of the Valley Independent Sentinel ( We’ll be talking about my movie “Hunting Season” on Nationwide VOD, shooting (movies) in CT’s Naugatuck Valley and probably a variety of other things that involve movies and The Valley.

Eugene’s a good interviewer with a lot of insight and the whole format is interactive (you can join the chat and ask questions) so make sure to stop by: Valley Indy Live Chat on  Thursday, August 13th at 7pm Eastern Time

The quote that makes up the title of this blog is from the feature film “The Hurt Locker” directed by Katheryn Bigelow (“Near Dark”) now playing in theaters everywhere. Kim and I saw it last week and I definitely recommend it as a peek into the mind and life of an Explosive Ordinance Disposal team in Iraq. Directing and Acting all get A+. Overall it gets a B. Screenplay gets a B-.  (On a bit of a side note, when my U.S. Army enlistment was nearing an end in 1996 I gave a great deal of consideration to reenlisting as an EOD Tech. We weren’t at war at the time). (Another side note: Katheryn Bigelow directed the superior vampire flick “Near Dark” (seek it out if you haven’t seen it) and the Keannu Reeves / Patrick Swayze excellent surfer-bank-robber actioner “Point Break” (which was remade a few years ago and retitled “The Fast and The Furious”). I don’t know if she’ll get a best director nomination or a best picture (unlikely, even with 10 nominees) but I hope the success and rave reviews of “The Hurt Locker” help her continue to make quality pics.)

One more thing: A comment was posted on my “The Big Day. Help?” blog entry regarding violence in film. I responded and hope to get a dialogue going about this very subject. Please check it out and comment away if you have an opinion one way or the other.