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IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Update 3

July 29, 2009

Background: My first film Hunting Season is being released nationwide on August first via Cable Video on Demand (VOD). In conjunction with the VOD release I wanted to capitalize on the added exposure by offering DVDs for sale on-line. The best way to do this without dropping a minimum of $1,000 up front is to distribute through one of the DVD On-Demand sites, or (there are others but these seem to be the most popular). Since both sites are non-exclusive I decided to distribute through both of them simultaneously to see which one offers the “better” (in my opinion, for my needs) experience, and document it all here.

I have 2 requirements:

  1. I will ONLY be selling DVDs on Demand. Both of these sites offer numerous digital download options. None of what I write about here will take that into consideration.
  2. I want to price the DVDs as low as possible but still make an acceptable amount of revenue per disc.

Please see the previous blog post “IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Day 1″ and IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Day 2 to catch up.

NOTE: I have changed the title, going forward, to “Update #” instead of “Day #” because this will not be a day by day reporting blog, instead I’ll do updates when I get them.

CreateSpace: When last I left CreateSpace I had received a less-than-satisfactory response from customer service regarding my Tax ID question (see: IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Day 2 for the full details). The e-mail that the response came in had two options:

1) f you need more help with this issue, click here:


2) Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:

If yes, click here:

If not, click here:

(NOTE: I slightly altered these links because clicking on them opens the form up with personal information)

I decided that rather than go back to the “Support” page and resubmit the same question through the same form that I would respond to the “Please let us know if this e-mail  resolved your question” by clicking “NOT”

Clicking that link brings me to a “We Value Your Feedback” form. I entered my case number, clicked “No” for the “Was your experience positive?” question and then I shared my experience in the free text box with the following:

TAX ID numbers for my state do not fit the format on the online forms that are filled out as part of the process. your forms request a number like this xx-xxxxxxxx  my Tax ID is like this xxxxxxxx-xxx. How should I submit my tax ID. I asked this question and the answer that I received was that I should use my Social Security number. I don’t want to use my social security number, I want to use the Tax ID number that I file taxes with every quarter. Instead of helping me with the issue the support center gave me an unnecessary work around.

Less than 24 hours I received the following e-mail from :

Hello Nathan,

My name is Genevieve and I am a CreateSpace Support Lead. I would like to apologize for the response you previously received regarding your Tax ID inquiry.

In order to complete this setup you will need to enter a valid 9 digit Federal Tax ID number, SSN number or EIN number.

Again, I apologize that this information was not presented in our previous response and for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here:

When contacting us, please be sure to reference your Case Number: 00512286

Best Regards,

CreateSpace Support Lead

Genevieve seems like a REALLY nice person but she didn’t answer my question any better than the previous response. In fact it seems that she didn’t even read my previous question, response or follow-up clarification.

For some reason I’m beginning to get the feeling that ALL Customer Service issues with CreateSpace will be this inadequate. Not good.

At this point I’ve finally decided to say “screw it” and just use my social security number for submitting to CreateSpace.



When last we left IndiFlix, Mike Williams the Filmmaker Relations and Acquisitions guy sent me a great, in-depth, specific e-mail answering my questions about their service and the Filmmakers Agreement (see IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Day 2 for full details).

At this point I was ready to send IndieFlix my master copy and continue the ball rolling.

But there was something scratching at the back of my head or maybe a tapping and rapping at my window. A little bird, or maybe it was a raven, mentioned something to me about IndieFlix being able to distribute DVDs through (see the comments left at “IndieFlix vs CreateSpace Day 1″ for full details). If this was true then that carrot that CreateSpace dangles in front of my face wouldn’t matter. So before finalizing the agreement and sending my source copy to IndieFlix I had another question for Mike Williams.

I sent the following e-mail (as a “reply” to Mike’s e-mail in order to keep the “personal-communication-train” going) on July 24th:


Thanks for the great response! This information is very helpful. I do have a question though, do you offer DVD sales through Amazon? I didn’t see it mentioned on your pricing sheet, only Amazon VOD?

I received the following response from Mike Williams on July 27th:

Yes, we can distribute DVDs of your film through Amazon if you like.  We go through Amazon’s Createspace for that, however, so don’t offer it standard unless a filmmaker requests it.  For AmazonVOD we go straight to Amazon.  Let me know if you’d like to have IndieFlix set up DVD through Amazon and we’re happy to do so.

WOW. IndieFlix might be ripping the carrot right out of CreateSpace’s hand!!! But This raised more questions so I replied on July 27th:

How do the royalties work when IndieFlix goes through CreateSpace? In the research I’ve done the rates are different? Does the 70/30 IndieFlix split happen after the Amazon 60/40 – $4.95 split?

I really appreciate you taking the time to explain. Thank you

If I receive the correct answer this comparison is over….

I haven’t received a response yet but I used the time to read through the Filmmakers Agreement again and create my Master Copy to send in.

I’m going to be sending a DVD-R burned through iDVD. Wait, can I send a DVD-R? Should I burn it with a menu page? Or just put the files on it? What about Trailers or extras? I realized at this point that I wasn’t sure what formats IndieFlix accepts for a Master Copy.

Time for a little research.

First I checked the Filmmaker’s Agreement. Usually the “deliverables” section will explicitly state what the producer needs to send to the distributor in order to get their film out there. No such luck. In this case the “Delivery” section only states: “

Producer shall deliver to IndieFlix a signed original of this Agreement along with a copy of the Picture on

medium acceptable to IndieFlix (“Delivery”),

The problem is that it doesn’t explain what medium is acceptable to IndieFlix.

I was pretty sure I had seen the info somewhere though so I looked around on the site and found the following in the “How it Works” section:

We accept DVD (Single layer, 4.7GB max disc), MiniDV, DVCam, & BetaSP. DVD will get you listed on the site sooner in most cases.”

Cool. Some info. But it doesn’t really go into detail enough for my tastes.

***Let me pause here real quick just to say that I am being genuine with my ignorance regarding these questions. I’m not being nitpicky, or playing devil’s advocate or trying to create issues. These are true, valid questions that I have had while going through this process***

Problems I have with the info above: Will they only accept a real (replicated) DVD or will they accept a DVD-R. How should the movie be formatted on the disc? Should there be a menu? Should the movie start up immediately with no menu? Can “extras” (trailer? NOTE: the package content slip portion of the Filmmaker’s Agreement indicates that a Master and a Trailer be submitted. But doesn’t specify whether it should/could be on the same disc.) be on the disc as well or should it ONLY be the movie?

In doing my research for CreateSpace I discovered that there have been issues in the past with the content submissions and there are threads devoted to the topic on the CreateSpace forum. CreateSpace also happens to state that “DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW either general or authoring are fine” right in the documentation/checklist that is printed after registering with them.

Since I couldn’t find a definitive answer for how my DVD should be submitted I sent Mike Williams the following e-mail:

I’m sorry to keep bothering you but I have one more question before I send my master DVD in. What is the best way to make the Master? I burn with iDVD. Should I put a menu page? Should the Trailer be on the same DVD? or should I save it as a Disk Image or just save it as a Video_TS folder?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I have not had a response yet.

And that’s where we end today.

IndieFlix is definitely pulling ahead and with a game changer (like them distributing through with a better royalties agreement) they could close this out before I even get the movie listed on their site!

We’ll see how it all plays out and I’ll update this blog every step of the way.

If you are a representative of either CreateSpace or IndieFlix and have stumbled across this blog I openly welcome your input (especially if any of my statements or “facts” need fixing).