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Kayaking with Lifevest

July 27, 2009

This morning I’ll be heading out into the wild waters of Connecticut to go Kayaking with Lifevest. You probably don’t know what this means yet but you will soon.

Later this afternoon I’ll be sending DVDs off to IndieFlix and Createspace respectively and will probably have an update later in the week in the IndieFlix vs. Createspace blog series.


I just received an e-mail from informing me that the overstock of Limited Edition First Pressing Hunting Season DVDs are going to be marched off to the recycle bin if I don’t sell them!

If you want to buy an original 1st Pressing (the opening credits and coverbox are a different font and color than all other future pressings) of HUNTING SEASON please go to:

and save them from the Recycle Bin!

This is a great opportunity to get Hunting Season before it goes on Cable Video On-Demand August 1st!

A little background: Back when we first made Hunting Season we decided to self distribute DVDs on we produced a couple hundred discs for this EXTREMELY LIMITED edition pressing and put them up for sale. Now there’s a handful left and Filmbaby wants to recycle them!

If you do purchase a copy from Filmbaby your philanthropy will not go unnoticed!