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March 20, 2011
Vodpod videos no longer available.

See that video above? That’s my feature film “Burning Inside”. In its entirety. It is now potentially available anywhere on the web where embeddable code can be placed. To see it in its native environment, go to the official Burning Inside site.

Why did I embed it in this blog? Because it represents the ongoing process of getting a film out everywhere in order to find an audience for it.

A few weeks ago I had an hour long conversation with Jason Brubaker from Filmmaking Stuff that he recorded for his podcast. Basically, the theme of the conversation was the struggle to A) Make a truly independent low budget film. And B) Release that film and find an audience for it. This is a battle that seems to get more and more difficult every day. The difficulty for part B exponentially increases due to influence by everything from the economy (how much spending cash your potential audience has) to shopping habits (where does your potential audience buy their entertainment from). And all of these factors are constantly changing. You can listen to the in-depth podcast here. And make sure to check out the rest of Jason’s site and his other podcasts. He’s got a lot of great information.

One of the things that I mention in the podcast is that we’ve had more good reviews of Burning Inside, than units sold. What I would like to do now is list all of the on-line reviews that we’ve had. If you happen to know of a review that isn’t listed below feel free to put it in the comments and I will add it to the list: “Burning Inside Review”
Brutal as Hell “A Surreal Nightmare You Cannot Escape”
Fear Zone: “Fear Zone’s Final Film Review: Burning Inside”
The Liberal Dead “Burning Inside” also listed as one of their “10 Indie Flicks That Deserve Your Dollar
All Things Horror Online “Burning Inside: A Deeply Penetrating Surreal Nightmare” All Things Horror also screened “Burning Inside” in Boston on January 5th
Planet of Terror “Burning Inside”
Twenty Four Lies Per Second “Cult Review: Burning Inside”
366 Weird Movies “Burning Inside”
Cinesploitation “Burning Inside”

Burning Inside has also been reviewed in print magazines, Shock Cinema, Deadline (Germany) and Fangoria

There’s also an amazing essay at Zouch: “Extended Short Circuit: Nathan Wrann’s ‘Burning Inside“.

You can also find dozens of articles and interviews out there about Burning Inside or Channel Midnight.

All of this adds up to a list that is almost longer than the list of people that bought “Burning Inside” (whether as a DVD, download to own, or streaming).

Burning Inside is available at the following locations for price points ranging from $1.99 – $19.95:

Channel Midnight Instant Video DVD
YouTube Rental
iTunes (as an app)
Burning Inside Facebook Page
and now the Burning Inside website

and maybe a few other places around the web, if you find one, let me know.

I’ve also put the word out on all the social networks:
YouTube: Burning Inside trailer has 1,200+ views on my page and 370 views on the Channel Midnight page
Burning Inside Facebook Page has over 244 Likes (admittedly not a lot)

What I’m saying here is that Burning Inside is available and the word is out, yet success in the sales department has not yet found us. Does that mean I roll over and die? No, it means that I continue to find new ways to make it available in ways that might find an audience, hence using dynamoplayer to embed the film right on the Burning Inside website for only $1.99. However, Jason Brubaker has a recent blog post that addresses the main issue with this new technology. Ultimately it’s the overall problem plaguing all independent filmmakers. Findability.

I didn’t make a film with the dream that 14 people would see it, and I doubt you made your film with those hopes as well. If you are you an independent filmmaker and willing to talk about your numbers? Put ’em in the comments and tell me how you’ve found success. Or why you haven’t. Let’s get a real discussion going and not just the fantasy that you can find on most blogs talking about how great this technology is for us.