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Movie of the Day – 02/26/2010

February 26, 2010

I will post a picture of my tv screen displaying a scene from a movie I’ve seen recently and you’re supposed to guess what movie it is from. The picture will be something that can be identified by someone that saw the movie, but not by someone that didn’t (at least not very easily). Leave your guess in the comments.

Movie of the Day

Movie of the Day 02-26-2010

“You Might Have Noticed”

February 8, 2010

Brand new interview with me up at Colonel’s Crypt

Check it out if you have 20 minutes to spare (I’m typically long winded).

The Spirit of Pure Disaster

February 7, 2010

Last night I went to Never Ending Books in New Haven, CT, to see acoustic singer-songwriter, folk-noirist and friend Shandy Lawson play his penultimate solo show. Shandy’s set was a great mix of tunes alternating between somber songs about death and upbeat songs about death. I’ve been a fan of his for about ten years now and his songs have been a great influence on my recent projects (especially Burning Inside) not only in the subject matter (one of his songs in particular I want to adapt to the ‘big screen’) but also stylistically in the way that he tells dark stories about not-so-bigger-than-life characters.

It’s a dreadful march as we approach his final solo show, his annual “Songs From the Sofa” birthday performance, March 26th at Books & Co in Hamden, CT. After that date his guitar and voice will be gone and missed from the singer-songwriter music scene. Fortunately we can continue to listen to his recordings, but any lover of live music will agree, it’s just not the same. I urge anyone in the Hamden, CT area to check out his final show. You won’t be disappointed.

Although he won’t be playing live anymore Shandy won’t simply be disappearing into the ether. He’s a great writer who has turned his attention and dark stylings to writing novels. Hopefully it won’t be long before these are published and begin finding an audience. He’s also formed a non-profit organization to fill a gaping whole in the Volunteer workflow. Volunteer Transport was created to provide assistance to people wanting to travel to perform hands-on volunteer work but were hindered by the cost of transportation to the affected areas. It’s a great and desperately needed service.

If you’re looking for something a little different than what you’re used to, or if you already appreciate singer-songwriter music I recommend that you check out Shandy Lawson’s work, all of his albums are available on iTUNES.

I highly suggest:

Elias The Blaster

Die Before You Sin

Threads of Jacke Dupree

Shandy Lawson at Never Ending Books 02/06/2010

Shandy Lawson at Never Ending Books 02/06/2010