I find it very, very, very hard to imagine that a worthwhile, feature film script can be written in 8 days.


Serviceable? Yes.

Worthwhile? No.


2 Responses to “8Days???”

  1. Ted G. Says:

    I believe Kevin Williamson once stated that he wrote SCREAM in under a week, and its one of the finest examples of horror cinema that came out of the 90s. I think its possible to write a great, worthwhile script in that amount of time if you’ve got the determination and wit. I’ve oftentimes felt that if I could take a full week off of work and wrote like a madman, I could punch out a great script in that time.

    By the way, that link didn’t work for me. I’m replying to your statement, and not whatever article you had hoped I would read.

    Now when are we gonna get together again and talk shop?! We miss you guys!

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