Interactive Menus? Really?

Does anyone really care about interactive menus on a DVD or Blu-Ray? You know the menu page that has a little animation at the beginning before the “Play” “Set up” “Chapters” “Special Features” buttons come up. Sometimes the DVD even has this as “Feature” on the back of the box. If someone released two different DVDs of the same movie, one with interactive, animated menus and one without would the special menu one really sell better? Is that a selling point?

I ask this today because I was holding off from eating my Buffalo Wings (from Buffalo Wild Wings. 60 cent wings on Wednesday, can’t beat it) while I was waiting for the animated menu on the (500) Days of Summer Blu-Ray to start and it was pretty damn annoying. I would have been happy to just put the disc in and press play. I wonder if someday I’ll see a movie and say: “Wow! That movie SUCKED but the animated menus were AWESOME!!” Just wondering is all.

(BTW “(500) Days of Summer” was a pretty good movie that turned into a really good movie by the end. Recommended for fans of “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”)


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