I’m Back… I Think

Okay, I’ve decided to try this blogging thing out once again. I’ve been spending a lot of time on twitter ( @nathanwrann and @daltongangprod while you’re there check out @kimberly_dalton and @kdaltondesigns ) and Facebook ( Burning Inside and Hunting Season *become our fan/friend!) (okay enough of that.) And it’s gotten me back in the mood to blog.

I also happen to have a HUGE event coming up in my professional life.

What is that event you ask? That event is the Nationwide Video On Demand release of HUNTING SEASON on August 1st! These are very exciting times for me as an independent filmmaker. I’m able to boast that I have a (literally) no budget film that is considered “good” enough to get distribution alongside $350,000+ movies and hopefully this will open the door to more opportunities down the road. But it will only work if you, the fine readers of this blog, not only order it yourself but also tell everyone that you socially network with (facebook, twitter and what was that other one? Oh yeah, Myspace oh and don’t forget those real life friends and family too 😉 ) to order it too and to tell their friends about it. Contact your local Cable Company or You can find out more here. Okay enough of the shameless plugging, I’m starting to nauseate myself.

One of the things that may have burned me out from blogging previously is that I felt compelled to write WAY too much. Which then became this intimidating thing that made me feel like I had to write these monster blogs. But I’m over that now. I can write my 140 character spiels on Twitter and I can write my mid to longer diatribes here.

This blog will now be a sounding board for things professional (announcing new projects maybe? I’ve got a few good ones just waiting to erupt), promotional (starting August 1st I will be writing up profiles on all of the fine musicians that supplied music to HUNTING SEASON. It’s one of the aspects of the movie that is ALWAYS commented on favorably) and interesting (Movies (did anyone see “MOON“? It’s awesome, check it out), music, art, books (if I ever get around to reading one again)).

The first course of business here will deal with the trials and tribulations of Self-Distributing an independent film on DVD (sometimes questionably referred to as DIY distributing. Newsflash, in film there’s nothing that’s DIY (except maybe writing, but it’s not film until it’s a motion picture)).

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed (it was more of a great conversation between independent filmmakers than an interview) on HorrorMovieFans Radio (You can listen to it here . I show up about 45min in but there’s a really good conversation you should listen to until then anyway). One of the things that we touched on, which is probably a topic on the tips of the tongues of most indie filmmakers these days, was Self Distribution. I decided to take it one step further and after the show contact my fellow filmmakers that were on the show (Alan Rowe Kelly, Abel Berry, Parrish Randall, Andrew Rose) and begin a further dialogue about self distribution. (The transcripts from those conversations may show up in future blogs). One of the points of the conversation is the effectiveness of on-line DVD-OnDemand distribution. Specifically we discuss Createspace.com (an Amazon.com company) but there is also another one out there called http://www.indieflix.com . What I’ve decided to do was to register for both companies simultaneously and promote the Hunting Season DVD equally for both sites and see which one has the better service, better experience, better sales and better revenue. This will all be coinciding with the release of Hunting Season on VOD. I’ll be discussing my experiences in this blog.

That’s it for now. I’ve already gone on for too long, but rest assured I will be back more frequently than I was before. See you around.

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2 Responses to “I’m Back… I Think”

  1. Dana Says:

    I’m glad you are back to blogging again, I have missed your blogs. I didn’t even know I could leave a comment because I didn’t see the box. I just became a fan on facebook too. I’m excited to get to see Hunting Season On Demand on August 1. I have PPV, so maybe I will be able to see it, if not I will call my satellite company. It would be good for the ones who are getting serious about writing a book or making a film learn from your experiences. I’m really excited about seeing “Hunting Season” on August 1!

  2. nwrann Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope you’re able to order Hunting Season. I’m working on getting it out there AFFORDABLY in case people can’t get it through VOD.

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